The challenge of Evangelista Russo, actual CEO of ELSA, begins in 1960 as an apprentice in a workshop for industrial machinery and earthmoving equipment. After acquiring considerable experience and with the great desire for innovation in the mechanical field, Evangelista Russo sets up his own business and in 1975 he invents a tracked chain for agricultural and industrial machinery. His first invention receives great success during the exhibition in Verona and amongst his first customer is FIAT-ALLIS. Evangelista Russo then invents a self lubricating pin to oil the arms of buckets. After his successes on the above two inventions, he starts working on his next invention, a Portable Inline Boring & Rotary Welding Machine, to work directly on site, in order to repair worn and ovalized pin holes, cancelling out the cost and downtime of transporting heavy plant to the workshop and dismantling the machinery. The growing success of the incomparable Portable Machine for Inline Boring and Overlay Welding is about to begin. In 1997 Evangelista Russo starts his own company, Elsa S.r.l., launches the new SUPERCOMBINATA model and in the same year he wins the Geneva prize of inventors and starts his trip around the world to promote his revolutionary Mobile Line Boring Machine Tool. At the beginning of the new millennium Evangelista Russo launches the Supercombinata SC2 60/1 and SC3 60/2 models in order to cover the demand for machining bigger diameters and in 2004 ELSA captures the world market with high quality Portable Machine Tools and extraordinary performance.

These past few years Evangelista Russo pave the way by means of improving and satisfying the global market with new solutions in synergy with evolution.