The new Facing kit for reconditioning orthogonal planes can be used with the SC2 60/1 and SC3 60/2 models of the Supercombinata series.

Facing head for orthogonal planes

New generation of motorized facing kits for flange facing and machining of orthogonal planes.

Coupled with the machines of the series Supercombinata, this kit allows cutting metal chips from plane surfaces by means of an independent radial advance movement.

It is equipped with an electronic control panel that allows setting up with highest precision flange facing jobs and the creation of circlip grooves.

Spianatura dei piani ortogonali

RANGE SC-FAGING Ø 300 – 1150 mm

Flange facing and creating circlip grooves on diameters from Ø 300 to 1150 mm.